Chain Chain Chain…

Chain of Fools is a great song, but enough about music. Let’s talk burger chains. There’s a good reason these White Castle Cheeseburgers are in a package. White Castle is one of several popular burger chains in the mainland that still don’t have any locations in Hawaii. Well our local Sam’s Club has helped fill that void by offering White Castle burgers by bulk in the freezer section.

After watching the movie Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, it sparked some curiosity in me as to what makes these “Slyders” so special. Well, curiosity may have killed the cat, but hopefully here it won’t kill my arteries. Our office vending machine recently began dispensing them, so I took the opportunity to finally try one (make that 2).

This package of 2 “Slyders” costed $2.25 vending machine price. It includes two cheeseburgers totalling 3.66 oz.. I take it the term Slyder relates to their rather miniature size, which allows you to “slide” one of them into your mouth practically in one bite. Of course, I wanted to savor the flavors involved here, so I nibbled at it in sections like a little guppy.

They were thawed to refrigerator temperature, so all it required was a quick 35 second zap in the mic’ to heat these bad boys up…

35 seconds and their done.My knife collapsed the bun when I cut into the on the right, revealing the wafer-thin square patty.

The ingredients list says the patty has dried onions in it. You can sort of taste that. The bun had a suprisingly supple texture, dispelling the fact that it was nuked. Although the “toasted” top crust was a bit soft. Their size and shape are like a dinner roll. It kinda tastes buttery too, thanks to the cheese.

Like most packaged frozen meals, these were certainly salty – 610 mg. of sodium specifically. While we’re on facts, the two also provide you a heart stopping 17g of fat, 8g of that saturated and 1g trans fat. I hope doctors don’t read food blogs. lol

Overall I’d equate the flavor to that of a base-model McDonalds Cheeseburger, sans the condiments MikkeyD puts on theirs.

It’s been said these taste WAY better when you’re drunk. With that in mind, would I buy these in bulk at Sam’s Club? Only if my shopping cart also includes a case of beer. Now that I think about it, that’s probably why Harold and Kumar liked them so much… because they were stoned out of their mind.

Other mainland burger chains that have yet to sail to Hawaii shores include Sonic, In-N-Out and Fat Burger. Surely I’m missing a few names that are specific to a certain region.
Chains that Hawaii currently DOES have include McDonald’s (the first one to come to Hawaii), Burger King, Jack in the Box, Wendy’s, Ruby Tuesday (sort of a burger place), Cheeseburger in Paradise and the latest arrival from California, Islands Fine Burger restaurant.

I just hope all the mass-marketing chains don’t start taking their burger wars to the grocery store freezer. “Microwaveable Big Mac vs. the Microwaveable Jumbo Jack”. That’s scary.

But wait! What about our local chains? Well, we all know Zippy’s is known for Zip Pacs, plate lunches and Napple turnovers, but for what it’s worth, they also serve a pretty darned good burger!…

Zippy’s BBQ Cheeseburger (teriyaki gravy added by special request) includes fries and a medium drink for $5.05

Zippy’s Primeburger Deluxe with Cheese includes fries and a medium drink for $5.50

The Zippy’s cheeseburger (top photo) patty is on the smaller side, with the Primeburger patty larger – probably a quarter-pounder.

As with most fast food chains, Zippy’s uses a flat top griddle to cook their burgers vs. an open flame, so the term “BBQ” burger is a misnomer. Still, the burgers have a nice sear with a flavorful charred crust, medium done inside. The buns are standard sesame seed fare. The fries are pretty good. Tender inside, crispy out. The Teri sauce is kind of thinned out into a brown gravy, which I prefer over the concentrated glazed type. Even better when you drizzle it over some Mac’ Salad. O.K., I’ll stop grossing you out now. lol Overall the combination of the patty and the fresh veggies and bun, along with the golden fries is a satisfying meal at a great value.

One of the keys to Zippy’s success is their consistency from restaurant to restaurant. Even with these burgers, you can be sure whether you order one in Pearl City or Hawaii Kai, they’ll always taste the same. No surprises. Just done good and done right.

White Castle Cheeseburgers (frozen packaged variety)
Tasty Island Rating:

Zippy’s Burger Combos
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5 thoughts on “Chain Chain Chain…

  1. If you get the chance, go to a White Castle on the Mainland. There’s simply no comparison to this cheap frozen burger. They will knock your socks off!

    I’ve had both — fresh, and frozen in Europe — and there’s simply no comparison. Unless you’re trying to compare maybe fresh udon and package udon.

    There’s a reason they marketed these frozen ones — they’re so darn good fresh-cooked that people obsess about them and are willing to eat them frozen when fresh not to be found nearby.

  2. No White Castle in California, either. You need to go aaaaall the way over to the East Coast to get them. I had a jonesing after watching Harold and Kumar go to White Castle too, so I did a lot of research.

    Mmm… Burger…

    – Chubbypanda

  3. Pomai,

    I just had to comment when I saw this.

    I used to live in New York — more specifically, Brooklyn right near Fort Greene Park (near the corner of Carlton Ave and Myrtle Ave). Several blocks away there was a White Castle. I used to go there all the time…and not when I was drunk either (I don’t drink). These are definitely NOT In ‘N Out, but they are better than McD’s.

  4. i enjoyed ‘in n out burgers’ on the mainland and was just amazed at the ‘traffic’ in that simple restaurant. another amazing fact … they don’t have any warmers, and nothing is frozen…all fresh.

    i enjoy teddy’s burgers and fries.

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