Andadogs Sighted!

In front of Ward Marukai’s 99 Cent Store (more like $1.49 Cent Store), an Andagi vendor selling Andadogs!….

On the left are Sata Andagi, just in front of it are Blueberry Andagi and Poi Andagi on the right. 8 for $5.00. 3 remaining Andadogs on the top. $2.00 each.

So I bought 4 Sata Andagi and 1 Andadog to try it out. Yum!

They’re kept in a basket at room temperature, so I took it home and blasted it in the toaster oven real quick. It’s a rather thin layer of Andagi batter, yet it compliments the hot dog perfectly. You really don’t need any ketchup or mustard with it. This is the perfect marriage of savory-sweet. I couldn’t determine the brand of Hot Dog, but it seemed to be better quality than the cheap Bar-S type brands. It’s the full dog too. Not cut in half like they do for fundraising at the festival. It really is ono!

That stand is there Monday thru Friday from 9am to 4pm (or until they sell-out).

Guess you don’t have to wait for the Okinawan Festival after all!


8 thoughts on “Andadogs Sighted!

  1. Excellent — the Okinawa Festival is only two days, and I’ll be in Honolulu for seven, so I’ll be able to grab an andadog any day during my trip!

    Did you try the poi or blueberry andagi?

  2. Debbie, you know I should have asked for one of each flavor, but I was in a hurry and just asked for the Sata “original” Andagi.

    You’ll be in Honolulu soon, so perhaps you can stop by there and give it a try!

    Have a safe and fun trip on your visit to Oahu!

  3. Thanks, I will! I should let you know that after reading about your visit to Teddy’s, my first meal upon arrival will be their spud burger (it’s right next door to my hotel).

    Now if I can just figure out how to fit in five meals a day while I’m there …

  4. I used the ready mixed pancake mix for the andagi hotdog and it turn out not bad at all. With my favorite dips have a nice snack for me.

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