Burgers 'n Fries at Dukes Waikiki

Duke’s Beachside Burger – $7.50 (shown with Beach Fries, sold separately) If you prefer, you an opt for the Cheddar Burger for just 50 cents more. *Open this image in new window for full-size view

In most cases dining out, it’s not just the dish by itself, but the entire experience that makes the food either just plain ole’ good or truly GREAT. Ever heard someone say “food just tastes better when you’re eating it on the beach”? Well, Duke’s takes the burger experience to a whole nother level in that regard.

Duke’s Beachside Burger shines in every way a burger should: a 1/2 lb., house-made Angus Beef patty perfectly flame-grilled to a succulent and juicy finish, with a flavorful charred outer crust. The crispy Manoa Lettuce and other veggies couldn’t be fresher, while the sesame bun is perfectly toasted on the inside, helping to bring out the flavor of everything in it. Absolutely flawless.

So what else makes this the perfect burger? Well, you can order it with these great Beach Fries!…

Duke’s Beach Fries – $2.95

These waffle-cut gems are served heaped on a plate and are practically a meal in themselves. Thick-cut, tender inside, golden-brown-delicious out. There’s a nice spice to them, similar to those “box guys” seasoned curly fries.

Along with the great Beachside Burger and Beach Fries you get a million-dollar view!…

How can a burger (or life in general) get any better than when you have da’ aunties playing Hawaiian music Kanikapila-style for you!..

Not only that, you have some of Hawaii’s top musicians performing live concerts right on the Duke’s beach lanai for you at no extra charge!…

Kapena (shown here) performs every Saturday from 4pm-6pm and Henry Kapono performs every Sunday from 4pm-6pm

What’s great about Duke’s, which is operated by TS restaurants is that their food and service is consistently EXCELLENT.

The ambiance and fun of Waikiki Beach, combined with great food, music and nice blend of tourists and kama’aiana, make Duke’s Burger and Fries arguably the BEST Hawaii has to offer!

Duke’s Neon Sign greets you in the lobby of the Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach, which is located between the Moana Surfrider and Royal Hawaiian Hotel (da’ Pink one).



2 thoughts on “Burgers 'n Fries at Dukes Waikiki

  1. What brought me to this site? …. Searching “Duke’s Beach Fries”
    Why? …. because they are absolutely delicious!!!!!! especially dipped in ranch & ketchup as suggested.
    As for dining at Duke’s ….. The food at our numerous dining experiences there was excellent value for money and of an excellent quality and super generous serves. Buffet salad bar was always toped up. Staff were super courteous, helpful and efficient. Here in Australia giving tips is an optional extra we give for outstanding food and service, in Hawaii it is part of the culture. I was more than happy to pay above and beyond what is usually paid at Duke’s for the quality of the “Total Experience”. I’m looking forward to returning and would recommend Duke’s to all!

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